Fake Doyle Doesn’t Count. Still Eight To Go!

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This fake rare T206 Joe Doyle NY Nat’l (hands over head) pose does not count toward the REA Million Dollar T206 Doyle Reward Challenge for two reasons: 1)  It is not PSA graded (see rules for reward).  2) It is not real. This fake card has actually been ”created” by grafting portions of two authentic T206 cards -  the top portion of a common T206 Joe “Doyle NY” card with the bottom border of a T206 Larry Doyle NY Nat’l card. We don’t think anyone would be fooled by this card even from a scan; in person (and we’ve got the card here, so we know) we are absolutely sure that no one would possibly be fooled. Even if it didn’t have the wrong back. But we thought that showing this attempt to create a rare T206 Doyle card (presumably created to fool someone into believing it was real) would be fascinating for many collectors to see.

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