Second Rare T206 Doyle Scan In: 7 to go for Million Dollar Reward! BUT we think we’ve seen them ALL.

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When we say that “we think we have seen them all” in the headline above, we are referring specifically to all authentic rare T206 Doyle NY Nat’l (hands above head pose) cards that have been graded by PSA or SGC, that have been encapsulated prior to November 8, 2008, and are therefore represented in the current PSA and SGC population reports. And, of course, are authentic. (Labeling errors or non-authentic examples naturally don’t count).

We could be wrong, but we think that the entire population of authentic PSA and SGC graded rare T206 Doyle cards may be THREE. NOT TEN (the total of the nine reflected in the PSA population report and the one in the SGC population report), but THREE.  These three authentic and graded rare Doyles are all pictured in recent entries here on the REA blog: 1) The Charlie Conlon example graded SGC 50 VG-EX; 2) the PSA 2 GOOD that sold at auction in 2000; and 3) the PSA 3 VG example pictured above that sold at auction in 2003.  

Of course it is possible that additional authentic PSA graded rare T206 Doyles are out there. And that images will be submitted as part of the “march to the Million Dollar rare T206 Doyle” reward. We don’t think so, but it is possible. In fact, we will be very surprised to see even one more example. So, please, surprise us! And if we see seven more examples, well, you know what that means….   

In our opinion, the “Tango Eggs Reward” offer of 2007 was about 100 times more dangerous than the T206 Doyle reward. Anything could have happened on that one (here’s the link to the 2007 Tango Eggs reward description:

We hope we will see at least one more PSA graded rare T206 Doyle, if not to collect reward money, then at least just to show that there are more than the three examples (two PSA and one SGC) that we think may represent the ENTIRE authentic graded rare T206 Doyle NY Nat’l population.

Note: We know of the following not yet professionally graded examples: 1 and 2) two rare T206 Doyles are owned by the family of legendary collector/dealer Larry Fritsch (who in fact was the first to discover the rare T206 Doyle). We have not personally seen these two cards, but Larry was a true expert; it is a certainty that both of his examples are authentic. 3) It has been published in articles (including the February 25, 2000 edition of Sports Collectors Digest) that famous longtime card dealer Levi Bleam (of 707 Sportscards) has an authentic rare T206 Doyle. We have verified this with a phone call recently. He still has the card, we believe there is no question about the authenticity of the card, and it is our understanding that this card is not encapsulated by PSA. 4) The only other example that we are sure exists is in a museum collection. Richard Russell (1897-1971) was a U. S. Senator from Georgia from 1933 to 1971. His boyhood card collection is on permanent display at the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Study at the University of Georgia. This collection includes an authentic rare T206 Doyle.

We have heard of reported sightings of other examples. It is very possible for a reported sighting of a rare T206 Doyle to be accurate, and we would be happy to post images of any examples submitted (even if they are not graded and therefore do not qualify for the T206 Doyle reward).

Could the population of authentic graded rare T206 Doyles be only three?

Could the entire total population of rare T206 Doyles (graded and ungraded) in private hands be only six? 

We’ll just have to wait and see what gets sent in. We look forward to posting images of any additional rare T206 Doyles submitted.


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