Only SIX more Doyles to go for Million Dollar Reward!!!

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We have NOT had another rare T206 Doyle submitted, but we are lowering by one the number of additional authentic rare T206 Doyle cards required to be submitted for REA to pay the Million Dollar reward anyway. We already have images of two authentic PSA graded examples (both posted) so we now need only SIX more rare T206 Doyles (that have been graded by PSA before November 8, 2008, and therefore are represented in the current PSA Population Report) to trigger the reward. We’re “letting one slide”. Why? We have just been told that months ago a common T206 Doyle appeared on eBay that was misidentified on the label as the rare Doyle, and that therefore it is not possible for the rare T206 Doyle reward to be paid. We did not, however, see this card on eBay, thereby making our offer safe, and we don’t know anything about this particular card. The report of the mislabled card, however, is perfectly consistent with the whole point of the Million Dollar reward: to show that the rare T206 Doyle card is MUCH rarer than suggested by the PSA Population Report.  So we’re lowering the number required by one just to “keep hope alive”. We have always been clear that we never thought there was a chance that we would really be paying the million dollar reward. We don’t think enough cards exist. To us, the big questions are:

Could the population of authentic graded rare T206 Doyles be only three?

Could the entire total population of rare T206 Doyles (graded and ungraded) in private hands be only six? 

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