Bat and Uniform Consignment Deadline Approaching

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Extremely Important Bats and Uniform Reminder: All bats and uniforms accepted for consignment for the spring 2009 auction must be in hand on or before January 15, 2009. This is necessary to allow time for the extensive MEARS authentication process. If you have an item of extraordinary value, such as a Mantle, Ruth, or Gehrig bat or uniform, of course we will move mountains to accommodate a late consignment if possible, but all other bat and jersey items that have not already been authenticated by MEARS absolutely must be in our office by January 15.

MEARS is a third-party evaluation and research firm that specializes in bats and jerseys. We believe very strongly that they provide both buyers and sellers with a service in evaluating bats and jerseys that is far superior to that which is available anywhere else and far superior to that which even existed just a few short years ago. We are sometimes shocked at the fraudulent material that gets sent in for consignment that has allegedly been authenticated by experts elsewhere. We think that all buyers who are buying expensive jerseys and bats would much prefer authentication by MEARS. That isn’t to say that there aren’t other very capable and knowledgeable authenticators in the field, such as PSA/DNA’s John Taube with bats, and many others in niche areas. But we don’t understand how some buyers sometimes take the word of unknown authenticators. And when we say “unknown”, we don’t mean “not well known.” We mean literally “unknown” as in “the auction house won’t identify who the authenticators are”. How could anyone have confidence in the word of unknown, unidentified authenticators? And why are they unidentified? We could understand the desire to not identify authenticators if identifying them would be cause for embarrassment. We’re not saying that is the case, but if it was, at least we could understand. At REA, we are proud of the work of our authenticators. They are identified, accessible, and accountable.

If it’s worth auctioning, it’s worth getting authenticated properly. We cannot compromise on the quality of the authentication process or presentation for the sake of time or economy. That’s why we need to set this early deadline for bats and jerseys. Every year we have no choice but to turn down many perfectly good items that are offered to us too late.

In the end, however, this serves everyone’s best interests, as bidders have far greater confidence in properly authenticated items, and these items will naturally sell for stronger prices. In addition to doing an incredible job, MEARS offers a money-back guarantee on all authenticated items. If they should make an error, their items come with a built-in insurance policy. This is a significant value for buyers. MEARS is the only bat or jersey authentication service to do this.

If you have other material to auction, ESPECIALLY CARDS, there is still time and we are looking for everything from Topps and Bowman sets to pre-1900 rarities. The auction will feature many remarkable discoveries and extraordinary rarities in all areas: pre-1900 baseball cards and memorabilia, display pieces, original art, autographs, nonsport cards, graded cards, tobacco cards, 1930s gum cards, caramel cards, Topps and Bowman sets, regionals, bats, uniforms, etc.

Everyone always wants to send in material at the last minute, but it would be impossible to provide REA’s uncompromising attention to detail to all items if everything arrived at the last minute. The Best Time To Consign Is Now!

If you have quality material you think may be of interest, we hope to hear from you in the very near future! Please call or write! Thank you!


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