Unconfirmed rumor that T206 Gretzky Wagner has sold AGAIN!!!!

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(AP Newswire September 7, 2007)


Unconfirmed rumor that T206 Gretzky Wagner has sold AGAIN!!!!


No, we’re NOT talking about the sale announced on September 6, 2007 of the Wagner at $2.8 million purchased by an anonymous buyer from an anonymous seller who purchased it from Brian Siegel for $2.35 million in February 2007. We’re talking about yet ANOTHER sale, from the most recent $2.8 million dollar buyer to another different buyer (who is desiring to remain anonymous at this time) for a currently undisclosed greater amount that will, in all likelihood, be disclosed at a later date in a future press conference. And that’s not all!!! We hear there is already interest in purchasing the card from the brand new, not even announced, new unnamed anonymous buyer (who we hear bought the card from the guy who paid $2.8 million) by yet another anonymous buyer at an even higher price, and that he has friends that he might be interested in flipping it to “if the price is right.” We don’t know where this is going. We’re not even sure what kind of numbers we’re talking about here. But it’s BIG BIG BIG!!! “Ten Million dollars – Get out of my way!” said an anonymous source, echoing sentiments expressed earlier when the card was sold for $2.35 million in February. “Who needs auctions? This card is a rocket,” said one West Coast hobby insider. “Around here, you can just whisper that you’ve got The Card and offers come flying in.” Another market expert summed it up: “These anonymous guys have a lot of money, they collect, and they like this card. That’s a powerful combination.” Wharton economist Jeremy Siegel (no relation to Brian Siegel) concurs: “I’d buy the damn card myself if I could just find out who to make an offer to.”


(Please Note: The “AP Newswire” story above is satire!)

Late note regarding the above posted October 15, 2007: We had one collecting friend inquire as to whether the above satire story was questioning the legitimacy of the reported $2.8 million dollar sale of the Gretzky Wagner. The “story” above was meant to provide amusing commentary about the hobby but in no way was intended to cast doubt on the legitimacy of reports of the sale. We are absolutely confident that it did sell, and would not want anyone to interpret this post in a manner in which was not intended or even contemplated.

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