Interesting Links with Valuable Information Regarding the Industry!

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On September 21, 2007 Robert Edward Auctions sent out the following mass email (below) to all customers on our email list. From feedback received in response to our mass emails, it is very obvious to us that collectors really appreciate the effort we go to in providing valuable information. Because many collectors and researchers who visit the REA site do not participate in auctions, and many are not on our direct email list, we thought there would be value to posting this recent mass email here on our blog for those visitors.


Robert Edward Auctions, LLC     

Interesting Links with Valuable Information Regarding the Industry!

At the suggestion of many customers, REA is providing a few valuable links below that may be of great interest to many collectors. Some of these links may provide extremely valuable information that will help collectors, and maybe even save you money. Some may just provide some fun weekend reading. We hope you find information of value.


Robert Edward Auctions, LLC

The REA Blog: We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the REA blog. We’re just getting started with this feature and thought it would be worth including a link to it in this email. In the future we will be posting about all kinds of hobby related issues, ranging from shill bidding to behind-the-scenes auction stories to exciting new discoveries. (Please note: The “Wagner story” on the blog is a joke. We’re just kidding around. It says right in the entry that it is a satire. A number of collectors have contacted us thinking it was serious. It is not.)

Here’s the link to the REA blog:

The Game Used Forums Message Board:

This is one of the great hobby information resources on the internet. In addition to providing a tremendous amount of information about game-used items and authenticity, the message boards also provide valuable information and warnings about fraud and other problems in the industry, much of which is found nowhere else. If you collect game-used items or are interested in the problems of the industry, bookmark this site.

Here is the link to the Game Used Universe Message Board:

The Vintage Baseball Card and Collectibles Message Board:

Another great message board, this one devoted to almost exclusively to vintage baseball cards, and run by devoted collectors who want a place to share information about cards, and discuss both great things and problems in the industry, without being sponsored by advertisers or in any way being beholden to special interests. We can appreciate this as REA has intentionally shied away from advertising on message board sites. Our reasoning in part is that if collectors are going to say good things about us, of course this is welcome, but it just would not be the same if we had either asked them to do so or paid them to do so (or even given this impression). There are other great message boards on the internet, but they are sponsored by auctions and sometimes these boards are carefully micro-managed with reference to content by special interests. On the PSA message boards, for example, disparaging comments related to PSA or PSA advertisers are routinely simply eliminated so that you can’t read it. This is censorship, and few are aware of it. We’re not trying to pick on PSA here. The desire to influence public opinion and to surreptitiously promote special interests is not isolated to the PSA message boards. We understand that PSA is providing their message boards in part as a resource for collectors, and to promote PSA, and they are not intended to be a forum to insult their own company or big customers. That’s reasonable, but the impression could easily be given to readers that their boards are a place for all to speak freely if posts are accurate and responsible, and that is clearly not always the case. If when you got the newspaper in the morning, someone looked at it first and cut out all the articles they didn’t want you to see before you got it, you probably would not want to rely on just that paper for all your news. Neither would the collectors on The Vintage Baseball Card and Collectibles Message Board. Bookmark it. Here’s the link:

The MEARS Message Board:

There’s so much content on the MEARS site that many collectors do not realize that MEARS provides a message board. Perhaps of greatest note is the fact that questions about your game-used items can be presented directly to the experts at MEARS on their message board - and answered in a professional and scholarly manner. Like the Game Used Universe message board, a tremendous amount of information about game-used jerseys and bats is provided. This is an amazing resource, both for readers who want to learn about the field, especially with reference to authenticity issues, and for collectors that have questions about values and authenticity of items.   

Here’s a link directly to the MEARS message boards:

Last, but certainly not least, here are links to MEARS’ policy director LTC Dave Grob’s recent announcements regarding 2008 MEARS Policies. Many are familiar with MEARS’ commitment to trying to make a difference regarding fraud and crime in this unregulated industry. We are confident that their efforts will eventually pay dividends for all and are strong supporters of their ideas. If you are not familiar with their efforts, which are creating great discussion in the field, the following two MEARS bulletin board announcements are a must read:

-end of list of links-

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