“Merkle’s Boner” Ball Comes To The Auction Block!!!!

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The famous “Merkle’s Boner” Ball! This is one of the most exciting items we have ever had the privilege of offering! This is exactly the type of item that makes putting together auctions so much fun for us at REA. This is the actual ball that cost the Giants the pennant in 1908, and secured Fred Merkle’s place in history forever. If only he had touched second…The ball was personally saved by Johnny Evers and sold at auction by his family way back in 1993, where it was purchased by Charlie Sheen, who sold it in 1999 in a private transaction to a fellow collector who has had it ever since. We’ve known about this ball all this time, but it’s been so long since it’s been seen or heard of, even predating the Internet era, that it seems like it is being presented for the first time. But in fact it was sold in 1993 (at that time for $30,250) and is being offered at REA in 2010 publicly for the very first time since. It is an honor!

Here are a couple of great youtube.com links (The Fred Merkle Story; Part 1 and 2) of potential interest:



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