“The Louisiana Find”: 94 Cards, all rarities, with Eight T207 Red Cross Backs Including Lowdermilk!

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“The Louisiana Find” has just arrived back from SGC. Card-for-card, this is without question one of the most exciting vintage card finds in modern times. Even though there are only 94 cards, we had to break them down into 25 lots just to do justice to them! Every card is a rarity. (The collection includes: forty-six T207, all rare cards in the set, including eight with Red Cross backs; thirty T215-1 Red Cross; four T215-2 Red Cross; eleven T213-2 Coupon; and three E105 Mello Mints). The eight T207 Red Cross backs all alone make this an especially historic find. Previous to this find, a total of only five T207 Red Cross examples were even known to exist.  (Here’s a link to the only one we have ever sold; it was hammered down for $9,400 earlier this year: http://www.robertedwardauctions.com/auction/2010/400.html.)

When this collection “walked in” to The Full Count Vintage Baseball Card Forum, it nearly caused a riot (and a heart attack for some collectors). It just seemed preposterous that anyone could really have these extremely significant previously unknown cards out of the blue. But poster “George D” was on the level - he really did have them, though  no one could blame some collectors for expressing skepticism. When the photos were posted, most became believers, but we wouldn’t have believed it without seeing pictures either. Especially the T207 Lowdermilk with a Red Cross back. Lowdermilk has always been the most famous and valuable T207 rarity. It has never before been known to exist with a Red Cross back, and the discovery of even the most “common” T207 with a Red Cross back would be a big deal and worth thousands. It sounded as crazy as if he said he had a T206 Honus Wagner with a “Uzit” or “Broad Leaf 460″ back. But that was George D’s introduction to the board: writing that he had a T207 Louis Lowdermilk Red Cross. It’s just not believable. Well, it wasn’t… Until he came up with a scan. We’ve got it in the office here graded and even we still can’t believe it! (If George had called here first, we might have thought it was a prank…which may have saved us from something like this: “Sure, George, T207 Lowdermilk, Red Cross back, no problem…listen, can you call back later? We just got in a delivery of the original artwork to the entire T206 set and they’re really heavy and we don’t want the Wagner to get hurt. Thanks!”)

Here’s a link to the original thread with “George D” coming online. This is very amusing reading (sample: “sweet mother of God!!!”):



This is not the first time that an absolutely incredible find has come to light on one of the online collector forums.  Only one other find of enormous significance rivals this: Perhaps the greatest “cyberfind” of all time came to light on the popular Net54 Vintage Card message forum when the “Skydash” find of Colgan’s Chips popped up out of nowhere in 2007. That collection included an amazing E270-2 Colgan’s Chips Tin Tops collection, probably the best collection in terms of quantity and condition to ever surface, including both Joe Jackson and Jim Thorpe, each of which are among the rarest and most desirable cards of the era. Here’s a link to the unfolding of that legendary find:



The Louisiana Find and The Skydash Find are two historic collections that wandered into the collecting world in an unusual and exciting fashion. We look forward to many more!

“The Louisiana Find” will be featured in REA’s spring 2011 auction.

Robert Edward Auctions is currently assembling their spring sale. To receive a complimentary copy of the catalog, or inquire about conisigning quality material to the auction, please visit http://www.robertedwardauctions.com/

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