1916 Brooklyn Robins Championship Pin (Jake Daubert Family Provenance!)

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Pictured above is an incredible late addition to the spring REA auction: Jake Daubert’s 1916 Brooklyn Robins National League Championship award! The 1916 pin, which was presented to each member of the 1916 Brooklyn National Champions, came in so late it will appear only in the Internet section of the auction. Jake Daubert’s 1919 Cincinnati Reds World Series Pin will also be featured in the auction and, as noted above, has been consigned by a different Daubert family member. This is the first 1916 Brooklyn Robins Championship pin we have ever seen, though perhaps with this posting we will hear of other surviving examples. The Brooklyn Nationals were known as the Robins in 1916, named after their legendary manager Wilbert Robinson.

We will be sure to highlight other late additions as information becomes available!

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