1938 REA Lou Gehrig Jersey: Perfect Photo Match? We think so. YOU decide!

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REA would like to express our most sincere thanks to Mr. Robert Harvell for providing the following extremely valuable information (photos and commentary presented below). Mr. Harvell is a longtime hobby enthusiast who has an incredible talent for research and image analysis and is extremely generous with his time and knowledge. Frankly, we’d like to take credit for this great work, but we can’t! As researchers and cataloguers of rare and historically significant items, to us this is what being in a collecting community is all about – looking at other’s work, sharing, making suggestions, and helping to provide information in a constructive way, to everyone’s benefit. Thank you! (And be sure to check out the link to the animation GIF relating to Gehrig’s “4″ below - That’s our favorite part!)

this circa 1938/39 photo seems to match favorably with the auction shirt - the vertical seam that enters the “v” section of the letter “y” looks good, as does button placement to the left of the “y”. i like the “blockier” negative space of the letter “r” in both samples (often times this area is more of a vertical rectangle than square when looking at many gehrig photo samples from the era, if you know what i mean) and the size of the sleeves, “smaller-cut” jives well…02.jpg


In addition:

1939 Spring Training - Lou and Joe at the Cage…

played around with the two 1939 iconic shots (life magazine) of gehrig and dimaggio at the batting cage during spring training of that year. lots to like in terms of how well the shirt gehrig is sporting in these photos seems to match up to the auction shirt imo…. in fact it looks like it could very well be the same shirt he’s sporting in the last comparison i sent along…

first image comparison, the back of gehrig’s shirt:



second image comparison, the front of gehrig’s shirt: the vertical seam, above and below the letter “y”, seems to match up very favorably as does the button placement to the top left of the “y”. i also like that the bottom of the “w” appears to be thick and squared off in the photo as is the case with the auction shirt (as opposed to the “pointy” w bottoms that can be seen on some of gehrig’s shirts from this era). at first blush the right arm of the “y” appears to be positioned somewhat differently than the auction shirt in terms of it’s proximity to the seam - but to my untrained eye it would seem that this could easily be caused by puckering, slight folding and/or shadows in the photo. anyway, fun stuff….04.jpg05.jpg

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