Alexander Joy Cartwright, Jr. SABR Photo Identification Controversy Report

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Are these photos of the same person?  Are these both Alexander Joy Cartwright, Jr?

The October-November SABR Pictorial History Committee Newsletter features a fascinating report calling into question the identification of Alexander Joy Cartwright, Jr (”The Father of Baseball”) in the iconic image that has long been universally accepted as being a circa 1846 photograph of the legendary Knickerbockers team. This is a remarkable, extremely detailed, and heavily illustrated document. It presents the case for both sides of the argument, including a response by the owner. At a glance, the report might seem a little intimidating. But a closer look (especially with all the illustrations) will reveal it to be very accessible. It is just carefully written because so much is at stake, and it is naturally interactive as you can evaluate the evidence of each side and decide for yourself. Is the identification correct? Or is the identification an error. Help solve the mystery! We highly recommend reading this report. We’ve never seen anything quite like it!

The report can be viewed at the link below: Once clicked, you must then click the “Download Now” button and the pdf of the SABR report will appear:

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