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REA is posting this notice as a public service to make collectors aware that a new resource website has just launched that will be of great interest to many vintage card collectors. The site is called and, as you can probably guess by the name, it is devoted exclusively to the T206 set.

The most popular vintage baseball card set of all time is well known for providing an almost limitless intrigue and fascination to collectors. Rare backs, Wagner, Plank, Magie, Doyle, proof cards, Ty Cobb Tobacco, checklisting the set by advertising reverses, the mystery of how the set was printed, exactly when cards were released, printing errors….and that’s just the beginning. With T206s, it never ends! This site attempts to collect, organize, and present all information about the T206 set in one place. While it is always going to be a work-in-progress, and additional information will continually be added, what has already been assembled and presented thus far is a remarkable achievement. This is an extremely scholarly project, and is the result of an enormous effort by collectors Jim Rivera and Tim Cathey, along with Art Martineau and Brian Weisner. These gentlemen, and the host of contributors that have assisted them, are due a huge “thank you” from the entire collecting world for their Herculean efforts, and their generosity in sharing their work for the benefit of all collectors. We can’t imagine all the work that went into this project. (Well, actually we can, which is why we’re so impressed!)

Here’s the link:

We hope you find helpful.


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