1933 Goudey PSA-Graded Set Introduction:

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The 1933 Goudey set is universally recognized as one of the most classic and significant trading-card sets ever produced. As the first major gum-card set of the 1930s, it became instantly popular among collectors due to its colorful design and incredible representation of star players. One-quarter of the cards in the set (an amazing 60 of 240) depict Hall of Famers, including four Babe Ruths and two Lou Gehrigs. The card of Hall of Famer Napoleon Lajoie is particularly significant as it is the key to a complete set and one of the legendary rarities within all of card collecting. The #106 Lajoie was deliberately left out of production in 1933 and only available to the dedicated collectors who contacted the Goudey Gum Company requesting an example to complete their set. The card is now noted for its extreme rarity and is highly prized by collectors pursuing a truly complete set.

The pursuit of a complete set requires as much dedication today as it did in 1933 and is just as significant an accomplishment. Attempting to complete the set in high grade, however, is a daunting proposition and one that is often entertained but realized by only a select few collectors. We are extremely pleased to present an extraordinary complete set of 1933 Goudeys, exclusively in high grade, built by one of these collectors. This is the highest-graded set Robert Edward Auctions has ever offered and represents the culmination of a lengthy process undertaken by an advanced collector determined to tackle this classic set, in its entirety, in the highest grade that he could find.  Each card in the presented set is graded and encapsulated by PSA as NM 7, NM-MT 8, or MINT 9, and this ranks as the sixth highest complete set registered on the PSA Set Registry. Incredibly, the most important cards in the set-the four Babe Ruths, two Lou Gehrigs, and the #106 Napoleon Lajoie-are all stunning NM-MT 8 examples. The dozens of remaining Hall of Famers are all NM-MT 8 as well, with very few exceptions.

The consistent high grade of this set is extremely impressive given the fact that less than fifteen percent of all 1933 Goudeys ever evaluated by PSA have been certified as NM 7 or better. Our consignor began his pursuit of the set in the pre-grading days of the 1980s and transitioned into PSA-graded cards in the 1990s and 2000s as it became easier for him to purchase examples compatible with those already in his collection. As his set progressed, so too did the standards on which the cards were evaluated. Included in this set are cards graded at various points throughout the two decades in which he collected. As such, there are cards that we believe would technically grade at a lower level based on the grading standards that are employed today. In our opinion, it is possible that some cards, if broken out of holders and resubmitted to PSA today, would be graded “Authentic” due to evidence of trimming. Technical grading issues aside, the set is full of extremely attractive examples that are among the highest-graded PSA examples available within the hobby. In addition, almost all the cards offered individually in this collection were sent to PSA for additional review. While there have been cases where a second review, as requested in this instance, has resulted in grading adjustments to a lower grade, in this case PSA found no issues and reconfirmed all grades.

This set is a remarkable collecting achievement. Many of the cards within this set would highlight a collection on their own, and together they represent a stunning assemblage of classic gum cards from this immensely popular set. We are very pleased to offer this set on behalf of our consignor in over 100 different lots for other collectors to enjoy. All cards from the collection are presented in the following section, with the exception of the #106 Lajoie, four Ruths, and two Gehrigs, which are among the highlights in the featured section of the catalog.

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