1919-1922 “Shoeless Joe” Jackson “Black Betsy” Pro-Model Bat - PSA/DNA GU 8 and MEARS A10: Additional Information Including Past Auction Sale History

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One of the best bats we have ever had the privilege of offering, and one of our favorite items in the entire auction, is the 1919-1922 “Shoeless Joe” Jackson “Black Betsy” Pro-Model Bat (authenticated and graded A10 by MEARS and GU 8 by PSA/DNA respectively). Was this very bat actually used by Joe Jackson in the 1919 World Series?  It’s possible, but we’ll never know for sure. But we have come up with some great additional information regarding its past sale history, and for those interested, we have posted this, along with additional information, here:

Past Auction Sale History: 

This bat has previously been sold at auction. It was purchased by our consignor at a Vintage Authentics auction in 2004 for $48,809 (Hammer price of $42,443 + 15% buyers premium). We did not have the precise past auction history information until now (our consignor just found his original invoice and has provided it to us) so we post a copy of this invoice below. (Please note: there are two bats listed on this invoice as both were purchased at the same time. The bat we are offering, of course, is the second one listed as “Joe Jackson GU Bat”):


Note: The original SCD Authentic LOA that accompanied the bat when purchased from Vintage Authentics in 2004 has now also been posted online. (The previously posted MEARS and PSA/DNA letters did not accompany the bat in 2004, and were obtained when the bat was submitted by the consignor for authentication to these companies in more recent years.)   

Past Private Sale Offering: 

We have been asked if this bat is the very same bat that was on display (and advertised to be on display) at the MEARS booth at the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention and offered for sale for in excess of $100,000. It is the very same bat! 

Additional Extremely Informative Letter From John Taube PSA/DNA:




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