Newly Discovered 1897 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pin Checklist Addition: Hall of Famer “Big Sam” Thompson

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Exceedingly rare, newly discovered Cameo Pepsin Gum pin of Hall of Famer Sam Thompson of the Philadelphia Phillies. This is the first “Big Sam” Thompson Cameo Pepsin Gum pin we have ever seen (or heard of!) and it may represent the only known example, since it does not appear in any of the published checklists, including the 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. Incredibly, it was just recently discovered this year by a New England antiques dealer, who by chance found two Cameo Pepsin pins in an estate he purchased (the other, Tenney, also appears individually in the spring auction). This is the only issue to feature Thompson at the tail end of his career (he appears on several tobacco cards and cabinets years earlier as a member of the Detroit Wolverines). That fact, combined with this pin’s extremely rare (and possibly unique) status, make it a particularly exciting Cameo Pepsin Gum checklist addition. The pin is clean and crisp, with especially strong photo contrast and a clean surface. The reverse paper label is completely intact. Excellent condition overall. All Cameo Pepsins are rare (some naturally rarer than others), and when newly discovered collections surface, there is always the possibility of a previously unknown checklist addition, but this newly-discovered Hall of Famer is a particularly exciting checklist addition. Manufactured by Whitehead & Hoag. Diameter: 1.25 inches. Reserve $1,000. Estimate (open).

Provided below is a link to an extraordinary 2012 article on Cameo Pepsin Gum pins, including a then-current checklist, courtesy of The Sports Collectors Digest and written by Keith Olbermann:


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