2008 REA Collection of Auction Proceeds Report

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Adjustments to consignor proceeds for the $9.07 million dollar REA spring 2008 auction were ZERO cents. This has been the case for the past $37 million dollars in auction sales at Robert Edward Auctions. This is unheard of in the auction world. Year after year Robert Edward Auctions has set a standard of perfection for the collection of auction proceeds. Many auctions report sales that for one reason or another are not executed, or have to be adjusted down due to nonpaying winning bidders, costing consignors money. We take the integrity of the auction process very seriously. Bidders appreciate knowing that when they top a bid at Robert Edward Auctions, they are topping a REAL bid. Consignors appreciate getting paid 100 cents on the dollar. This is a very big deal to bidders and, naturally, to consignors as well.

REA has been actively collecting an extraordinary selection of exciting material for our next auction, which will feature many remarkable discoveries and extraordinary rarities in all areas:

pre-1900 baseball cards and memorabilia, display pieces, original art, autographs, nonsport rarities, graded cards, tobacco cards, 1930s gum cards, caramel cards, Topps and Bowman sets, regionals, bats, uniforms, etc.


Robert Edward Auctions offers both lower commission rates to sellers AND lower buyer’s premiums, while at the same time delivering:

. The largest catalog circulation

. Reasonable reserves

. The most trusted and detailed descriptions

. The fastest post-auction payment of consignor proceeds

. The fastest post-auction shipment of auction items to   buyers

. The most advanced authentication processes

. The most secure and trusted bidding processes and auction policies

If you have quality material you think may be of interest, please call or write! We can provide special terms for early consignors. It would be impossible for us (or anyone!) to process the entire auction with REA-quality care and detail in just the last few weeks before going to press, so it makes sense for us to offer the best deals to early consignors so we can keep busy all year long. We work all year to bring you the best auction possible and to provide the finest auction service possible for consignors.

For more information about why, if you are even THINKING of selling your quality material, you should contact Robert Edward Auctions, please visit:


We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


Robert Edward Auctions LLC



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